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Long Disatance Moving with EXPRESS MOVING

Interstate Moving Starts with Planning

At EXPRESS MOVING we take long distance moving seriously so you don't have to. From the initial sales consultation to arriving safely at your new home, our team of moving experts provide detailed planning for every step of the moving process so your transition is as smooth as it can be.

    Long Distance Moving in 5 Steps

  • Get Free Quote

    To get you started, one of our Moving Specialists will take the details of your move by phone or at an in-home appointment. This allows us to understand what you are moving and give you a guaranteed price for your move. Get Free Quote Here →

  • Get Move Plan

    Every move is different. That’s why we follow up with a custom move plan created specifically for you and your needs. This plan makes everything clear to our planning & moving departments and ensures the process is as safe and efficient as possible.

  • Pickup

    Our team of movers who are specialized in long-distance moving requirements will pick up your items and bring them to our storage-in-transit facility, to prepare them for the cross-country journey. They will pay special attention to the packing and wrapping of the boxes and furniture, since these are going to travel far.

  • Hauling

    Whether you chose express or consolidated shipment method, your items will be hauled cross country via one of our trailers which are equipped to carry large amounts of freight safely for long distances. We will provide you with an ETA for delivery.

  • Delivery

    Your items will be delivered at your final destination by our delivery team, at the date & time agreed upon. You are now ready to settle in your new neighborhood!

Just Your Perfect Move

Whether you are leaving the dorms for your first 1 bedroom apartment in Nova Scotia, moving to your dream house in the New Brunswick, relocating to Quebec, looking for a storage in Ontario, or moving across country Canada - EXPRESS MOVING is the moving company that will turn the world upside down to ensure you have a perfect move. General Manager

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