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Your business is your livelihood and EXPRESS MOVING takes that seriously. We know downtime means lost income, and we won’t stand for that on our watch. Luckily, office relocation logistics and planning happen to be our bread and butter. With our detailed preparation, specialized services, and unmatched office packing expertise, no other commercial moving company can beat the value and timelines we deliver.

  • We provide a Project Manager

    Our onsite personnel completes a visual walk through of your current location. From the onsite meeting we will determine what services are required and the inventory to be moved. We will also view the loading docks and verify elevator restrictions, if applicable.

  • We create a Project Schedule

    Based on the information gathered by our Project Manager, our commercial planning team will determine the project schedule/timeline. If there is a specific time frame that the relocation must be completed, we are equipped to handle any deadline.

  • We prepare floorplans

    For furniture placement, having a floor plan makes the process much easier. This is simply a standard format: locations of all furniture, office equipment, telephones, computers and fax machines will need to be provided.

  • We create a list of tasks

    The Project Manager will identify and list tasks to do and determine their sequence and duration with dates for each task, with start and finish dates and assigned responsibilities.

  • We execute the move

    Once the move date is set and reserved, our planning team will assign your crew and trucks. The name of the foreman will be provided, along with what services need to be completed and when, according to the list of Move tasks. Every item in the existing space should have a label indicating its location in the new space, or a designation for storage(surplus), recycling or disposal.

  • Post Move Checklist

    We confirm setup and make sure all debris, unwanted materials have been removed.

Just Your Perfect Move

Whether you are leaving the dorms for your first 1 bedroom apartment in Nova Scotia, moving to your dream house in the New Brunswick, relocating to Quebec, looking for a storage in Ontario, or moving across country Canada - EXPRESS MOVING is the moving company that will turn the world upside down to ensure you have a perfect move. General Manager

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