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Professional packing by EXPRESS MOVING

We became the top moving company in Canada by being the safest & most efficient. How? We mastered how to pack. How to do it right involves using the best materials, having proper planning & excellent movers. Even before your move starts our movers review your items & develop a customized approach to how they will pack. What materials are needed for each item for instance. It's how we move smart and get you to your new home safely and seamlessly. To learn more about how we approach packing see our packing tips and how to pack wine glasses.

Specialized packing for specific items

We pre-plan every packing job, and bring specialized materials. We use specific procedures for each item –lamps go in special boxes, mattresses are inserted in special bags, and flat screen TVs have special packing procedures.
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Packing boxes & personal containers at the highest quality

EXPRESS MOVING uses only the best packing materials, high quality blankets, boxes & tape. We also use heavy duty boxes for longer cross country or international moves. Visit our store to purchase the same professional materials we use. Get Started Now!

Packing for local & long term storage needs

We double wrap your items to protect them for the longer stay. Add special protection to ensure it will stay in great condition for as long as you need it to be stored. We shrink wrap your items to protect them from dust accumulation.

We special-pack your items according to the distance needs; for long distance moving we provide extra-safe packing amd shrink-wrap everything to ensure all items are well-protected. Get Started Now!

Just Your Perfect Move

Whether you are leaving the dorms for your first 1 bedroom apartment in Nova Scotia, moving to your dream house in the New Brunswick, relocating to Quebec, looking for a storage in Ontario, or moving across country Canada - EXPRESS MOVING is the moving company that will turn the world upside down to ensure you have a perfect move. General Manager

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